Adventure Tour

Fast Fun and Dolphins!!

Search for Dolphins jump some waves and just have some fun on the water. This is not a pony tour or a scenic tour. This is a fast fun experience on the water!

Dolphins! Dolphins! Dolphins!

Come out on our Catamaran and search for dolphins. This is a fast fun adventure tour. Jump waves go out to the ocean and have a blast on the water. This is not a scenic nature tour.

Dolphin are fun, Inquisitive, and beautiful! 

Limited to 6 Passengers, this experience is a front row seat to watch dolphin playing in their natural habitat! Dolphin tours are approximately 1 1/2 hours long. Times may run over based on wildlife cooperation. Dolphin are not guaranteed. What is guaranteed is you will have a fun time out on the water.

***ONLY AVAILABLE AS A PRIVATE TOUR. If you would like to do this tour but want to try to split the price, please call us and we will schedule you and try to find another party to book with you. For questions regarding our policies please call 757-336-5556.***